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Holy Ghost Choir In Concert

Selections of Slavonic and
American Folk Tunes.

  1. V'iruju (Nicene Creed)
  2. Solnce Nizenko (Ode to the Setting Sun) *
  3. The Three Bells (Song of Jimmy Brown) *
  4. Monotonously Rings the Bell (Russian Coachman Song)
  5. Drinking Song I (Festive Occasions Sing-Along) *
  6. Otče Naŝ (The Lord's Prayer, composed by Rimsky-Korsakov)
  7. Song of Stenka Razin (Story of the Renowned Robber)
  8. Selections of Vo Kuznici, Chor Kuznecov, & Ach Vy Sini *
  9. Medley of Folk Tunes (Slovak, Georgian, and Croatian)
  10. Čije To Polečko ("This is the Farmland;" Lively Folk Song) *
  11. Tom Dooley - Lemon Tree - Hootenanny (Three American Folk Tunes)

* Sample available in the player below

Audio samples of selected tracks:

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