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The Byzantine Divine Liturgy
of St. John Chrysostom
in Church Slavonic

Original Soundtrack from the
50th Anniversary Commemorative Video.

Audio samples of selected tracks:
this will be replaced by the SWF.

Tracks (Click links for mp3 samples):
  1. Proskomedia (Ritual Preparation of the Gifts & Incensing)
  2. Jektenija Mirnaja (Litany of Peace)
  3. Antifon I & II Ned'il'nj (Sunday Antiphons)
  4. Slava -Jedinorodnyj (Hymn of the Incarnation) *
  5. Prijdite Poklonimsja (Little Entrance)
  6. Tropar & Kondak (Tone 8 Propers)
  7. Trisvjatoje (Trisagion - Holy God)
  8. Apostol (Epistle)
  9. Alleluia with verses
  10. Jevanhelija (Gospel)
  11. Suhubaja Jektenija (Litany of Supplication)
  12. P'isň Cheruvimskja (The Cherubic Hymn) *
  13. Otca I Syna (The Father and the Son)
  14. Simvol Viry (Symbol of Faith - Nicene Creed) *
  15. Svjat, Svjat, Svjat (Holy, Holy, Holy)
  16. Presušcestvlenije (Consecration)
  17. Tebe Pojem (We Praise You)
  18. Dostojno Jest' (Hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
  19. Prositel'naja Jektenija (Petitions of Supplication)
  20. Otče Naš (Our Father) *
  21. Jedin Svjat-Chvalite (One is Holy-Communion Hymn)
  22. Da Ispolňatsja (Hymn of Thanksgiving) *
  23. Budi Imja Hospodne (Blessed be the Name of the Lord)
  24. Otpust (Dismissal)
  25. Mnohaja I Blahaja L'ita (Many Happy Years) *

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